Winter is just around the corner! As any Minnesota native knows, this means below-zero wind chills, ice coating every surface imaginable, and a never-ending need to protect oneself against the winter weather. Down jackets, hand warmers, thick boots, you name it—all are essential parts of surviving the season.

However, construction companies need to go above and beyond the standard Minnesota winter weather protection gear. Prolonged cold exposure is not only a health risk to workers (think hypothermia and frostbite), but even mildly chilled employees pose major threats to company efficiency and safety protocol, as it’s hard to think straight and move quickly when you’re freezing.

All of this means it’s crucial that construction companies invest a fair deal of finances in safety products for winter weather. MC Tool and Safety in Blaine, MN, a supplier of industrial safety equipment, highlights a few products to get your company started.


The cold is uncomfortable, sure, but in this weather, worker discomfort is a sign something could very rapidly become dangerous. Keeping your construction employees comfortable is not only good for morale, but it stops a health and financial disaster before it can even begin. Consider investing in industrial safety equipment that caters to cold comfort, both physically and mentally. These include:

High visibility clothing. It isn’t easy to see when working in a snow flurry! Moreover, winter means that the days are shorter and the nights longer, which decreases overall visibility in general. Aside from being an obvious safety hazard, not having proper high visibility clothing in poor winter conditions will cause worker anxiety, so it’s important to make sure your stock is up to snuff.

First aid kits. Of course, one of these should be on site regardless of weather conditions. However, extreme cold and loads of ice mean it’s crucial to have more first aid kits than you’ll think you’ll need, complete with more supplies than you could ever use. Above all, make sure to invest in hand and toe warmers! Even slight discomfort in the hands and feet can quickly lead to frostbite.

Fall protection equipment. Even in the most prepared of construction sites, falls can happen; this holds even more true in our capricious Minnesota climate, in which sudden snow is common. Take care of your workers and protect them from even tiny falls that could just be considered a discomfort with new equipment.


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