When you work around machinery, you know how important it is to protect your hands. Neglecting to do so can result in injury, stress-related complications, and even loss of use. At MC Tool & Safety, we know how vital it is that you have the proper protective equipment on the job.

That’s why we offer a full range of industrial safety equipment designed to keep you safe. Whether you work with industrial equipment, corrosive chemicals, or in extreme weather conditions, we have chemical and cut-resistant gloves, as well as other gear you need. Below, we discuss the importance of hand protection and which products will help keep you safe on the job.

OSHA Hand Protection Standards

OSHA requires that all employees exposed to on-the-job hazards wear personal protective equipment. Such equipment must exhibit appropriate protective characteristics as defined in OSHA’s Hand and Body Protection Regulations. Additionally, employers are required to select this equipment based on the severity and length of exposure to potentially harmful working conditions. Of course, the type of equipment will vary according to each worker’s position, but the basic premise remains: hands should not be subject to undue stress or injury. Why is appropriate protective equipment so important? Let’s find out.

Protection From Work-Related Stress and Injury

Labor-intensive positions generally require extensive use of the hands. Many also require exposure to harmful chemicals, extreme temperatures, sharp objects and various other items that have the potential to cause serious injury. During employee exposure to hazardous working conditions, OSHA requires the following hand protection:

•   Heat exposure. Use of breathable fabric to reduce heat stress. Additionally, employees may not wear protective gloves either constructed from or exposed to flammable materials.

•   Cold exposure. Protective equipment should be properly insulated and waterproof if exposed to wet conditions.

•   Electrical hazards. Employees must wear non-conductive electrical insulating gloves and sleeves to protect against the risk of electrical shock.

•   Sharp objects. Gloves should be reinforced to protect against lacerations.

•   Vibration Exposure. Protective gloves should be insulated with vibration-dampening material to reduce the risk of stress from excessive vibration.

Additionally, protective equipment must be sized appropriately and must not restrict worker movement. When it’s protective gear you need, MC Tool & Safety offers a wide variety of industrial safety equipment. We help keep your employees safe from on-the-job injuries and excessive stress.

What is Work-Related Hand Stress?

Work-related hand stress can occur for a variety of reasons. One major culprit is the use of vibrating equipment such as jackhammers, drills, sanders and various other hand tools. Excessive exposure to these types of stimuli can result in debilitating conditions such as carpal tunnel and nerve damage, among others.

The appropriate personal protective equipment, however, will help reduce the likelihood of developing these repetitive stress injuries. Many workers also develop muscular stress due to the enormous hand strength required to operate various tools. Appropriate hand protection can also improve grip strength and traction, helping to alleviate excessive muscular stress.

Hand Protection From MC Tool & Safety

When you need the proper hand protection equipment, you can count on MC Tool & Safety. We offer a wide variety of industrial safety equipment designed to keep your employees and worksite operating safely. We provide high-quality protective gear for employees and contractors throughout Minnesota and the surrounding Midwest. Our knowledgeable team would be happy to provide you with the right products and suggestions to fulfill your needs. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our offerings, contact us today!