Introducing the Diteq ARIX blades and bits!

Diteq ARIX diamond bits can be utilized on both dry and wet surfaces. Diteq’s ARIX technology allows workers to cut through surfaces faster while enjoying higher durability from the bit. The diamond blades are designed for use on concrete that contains light to medium steel rebar. To prevent slipping while creating holes, the segment design grips the concrete surface better than standard blades.


For greater air flow and adequate cooling, Diteq added diagonal cutout openings to the overall design. Users will also appreciate smoother drilling via the turbo barrel design. ARIX technology helps create a more efficient experience without wasting inches during the cutting process.

Diamonds are positioned to optimize greater strength, smoothness, and overall seamless performance.


Diteq Diamond Tools and Equipment‘s new diamond blade manufacturing process precisely arranges diamond particles throughout each blade segment, treats them to increase crush resistance, and spaces them evenly to prevent interfering with each other’s support structure.

ARIX improves cutting speed and blade life by 50 to 100 percent compared to other blades. Diteq offers the blades for high-speed saws and professional flat sawing applications, as well as a full line of other diamond products.

Diteq ARIX Asphalt Diamond Blades are Super Premium Laser-welded blades engineered from ARIX Diamond Arrangement Technology to yield exceptional cutting performance.

●        Use on saws 5-35 Hp

●        Features tungsten inserts for undercutting core protection

●        .393″ / 10 mm Segment Height

●        A-36 AX: Designed for top production on all types of  concrete, asphalt, and blocks


The Guardian blade is resilient enough to be used on concrete saws, brick and masonry tools, and high horsepower equipment.

The Guardian is designed to cut:

●        Pavers

●        Concrete

●        Brick

●        Joints

●        Limestone

●        Asphalt

The core is designed to stay cool so the blade doesn’t overheat when you are cutting through dense materials. The Titanium-glazed diamonds reinforce the blade so you can work efficiently in construction environments


If you are looking for dynamic blades and bits on the job site, then check out our products today. We offer a wide range of safety products for business owners and their employees.

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