At MC Tool & Safety, we offer a variety of industrial tools and safety products to keep our clients safe and efficient on the job at all times. We carry a wide range of tools from saws, to laser levels, to varying types of hoses. We get each product from a specific supplier, and work hard to maintain these relationships so you always have the best products available. We use Abbott Rubber Company to supply you with any hose you may need. Here, our experts will go over the importance of quality hoses while on the job.


Different hoses have varying uses in the industrial field. Not only do they vary in use, but if the proper hose is not used, it could result in a poor result from your workers or a workplace injury. Hoses that don’t allow air or fluid to flow freely do a poor job and may result in your workers having to spend more time fixing the mistake it caused. Additionally, some hoses are designed to withstand chemicals or acidic substances, while others are not. Our partner, Abbott Rubber Company, provides hoses for a few main industries:

●        Agricultural

●        Chemical

●        Concrete

●        Contractors/Rental

●        Fire Companies

●        Hydraulics

●        Food and Beverage

●        Landscaping

●        Petroleum

●        Septic & Liquid Waste

While we primarily deal with industrial solutions, we are able to distribute hoses of all kinds.


Suction/Discharge Hoses – These hoses differ depending on the desired use. Some of them are designed to suction or discharge water in irrigation and construction areas, while heavier duty hoses are designed to be used in septic or more extreme construction areas.

Jack Hammer Hoses – These hoses are designed to be used with pneumatic tools, such as air compressors. The design varies based on the desired use of the hose. Hoses that are more heavy duty are typically used in heavy dust or debris areas, such as construction zones.

Landscaping Hoses – There are a variety of hoses designed for landscaping use. Some hoses are designed to get rid of small landscaping debris, such as dust, leaves, grass, and more. Other hoses are designed to pick up heavier things, such as mulch, woodchips, surfacing material, and more.


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