A Winter supplies list that will get you through the cold mid-west winter.

Our winter supplies list is carefully curated to help you make the best winter supplies buying decisions that are best for your needs. Whether you work outdoors in the winter or are an outdoor hobbyist taking to the hiking trails or frozen lakes, you’re sure to find this list full of helpful supplies that will make your winter outdoor experience more pleasurable.


One of the most common winter supplies we find consumers like you need and by far one of the easiest ways you can stay warm is with HeatStar® portable heaters. These are a great option for you because they use propane, and propane heat is cost effective and a very efficient way you can heat up an area. HeatStar® creates durable, functional heaters that apply to a wide range of your needs from outdoor work sites and working in the garage to ice fishing and winter camping. Whatever your needs are, we have a solution. Check out all of our styles, sizes and heater varieties.

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Heat Star Portable Heater - Winter Supplies

NOTE: please use all safety measures when you use a portable heating system. They should only be used short term and not as a primary heat source for a home.


Snow & Ice Removal:

Make your snow removal task easier this winter and add a telescoping shovel and telescoping vehicle snow brush to your winter supplies necessities list. They are both compact and lightweight making them a great option for you to keep in your vehicle or fish house. Perfect for personal use, a gift for a loved one or in a work vehicle.

First is the, is this telescoping car shovel

This shovel is designed to help you in every winter situation. Equipped with a sturdy aluminum telescopic handle, this shovel is space saving and easy to store in your vehicle or take a long during a winter activity. It extends up to 31.5″ H (10.75″ W × 4″ D).

Next, is telescoping vehicle snow brush

This brush won’t clog, freeze, or scratch your car! It’s head design removes snow in smaller and hard to reach areas while providing you ease of use with a telescoping handle and a pivoting head. It is made of freeze-resistant material that can withstand the harshest winters. See it in action in the video below:

Though the telescoping shovel is convenient and compact you’ll need a heavier duty shovel to really carry you through the Midwest winter.

There are two common types of larger scale snow shovels. The Snow Pusher and the traditional snow shovel.

First, is a snow pusher

The snow pusher has a plow shape blade that helps you push away both snow and slush from wide areas. At MC Tool & Safety we carry the True Temper Snow Pusher shovel. We choose to keep this in the warehouse for our customers because of it’s features and quality. The blade is made from UHMW nylon a material that is long-lasting and wear-resistant to withstand the demands of heavy snow removal you will encounter at least a few times in a winter. It’s also safe on all outdoor surfaces which enables you to clear your driveway, sidewalk, deck and patio surfaces with one tool. Gain more leverage with the versa grip- an ergonomically designed grip that accommodates multiple hand positions for pushing, scooping and unloading piles of snow. Hands are also secured with the anti-slip grip provided by the TPE resin-covered steel handle.

Snow Pusher Shovel

Second, is the traditional snow shovel

This shovel features a square bucket type blade. The True Temper Snow Shovel carried in our warehouse features a 18″ polycarbonate blade. This blade material makes it 45% more wear-resistant (versus HDPE, Polypropylene blades). This blade will remove snow from all surfaces like your deck, asphalt driveway and concrete sidewalks. You’ll find you’ll be able to wear gloves comfortably while using this shovel, it features an oversized D-Grip adding leverage. This shovel is designed with a steel handle covered by TPE, a resin which provides an anti-slip grip. All around this is a great choice to add to your must have winter supplies list.

Snow Shovel


Let there be light! If you live in the Midwest you know all too well that we have some early and very dark winter evenings. Our winter darkness makes seeing very difficult thus making lighting part of your essential winter supplies list. Give yourself light and see what you’re working on. We want to help you avoid falling or injury from a tool solely because you lacked light and couldn’t see. Portable lights are great for the early or late hours on a jobsite. Additionally, portable lighting might be useful garage work, yard projects or even a backyard hockey rink or ice fishing. We make it simple, tell us what your task is and we’ll find a solution that best fits your needs. Some of the many styles and options we have for you are:

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One of the brands we carry is Southwire, learn more about Southwire lighting here:



With Winter comes snowy, slippery sidewalks, trails and jobsites. Stay active, stay upright and more importantly stay pain free with ice traction for your feet!

Yaktrax® Diamond Grip provides aggressive traction for all winter walking conditions, from a smooth iced over lake to backcountry snow and everything in between. Their patented diamond shaped beads have hundreds of biting edges that grip in all directions. This unique design assures you won’t fall on slippery surfaces. They are made of case-hardened steel alloy and strung on steel aircraft grade cable. Making them extremely durable and are ideal if you frequently encounter transitional surfaces such as rock, gravel, and bare concrete. These will get you through winter whether you work outdoors or enjoy outdoor winter hobbies. So, be sure to add them to your winter supplies list.

Stretching easily over boots, a pair of sneakers, or even dress shoes. A pair of Yaktrax lend instant, unbreakable traction whether you’re trekking through an icy jobsite or slippery hills through your weekend hike through the woods or along the north shore… or simply walking Fido. More so, they are quick and easy to put on and take off, their stretchable design means you can swap them between shoes with ease. And, at prices so affordable it makes it a no brainer to invest in a pair of Yaktrax. A decision that can help negate the serious physical and financial consequences of a wintertime fall for you and your loved ones.

YakTrax - Ice Trekkers Diamond Grip




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