Previously on our blog, we highlighted the best tools for summer heat safety. Whether you’re doing public works projects or tasks with construction equipment, purchasing the right supplies is the first and most important step to ensuring safety on the job from heat-borne illnesses, such as heat stroke and heat exhaustion. If your workers aren’t properly equipped to handle the dog days of summer, your company could create ailing employees – horrible for PR and worker morale.

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Obtaining the right cooling equipment is only the first part of worker safety. Practicing heat precautions and keeping an eye on your workers’ physical condition is also crucial. As experts in on-the-job worker welfare, we can help you learn how to keep your employees safe as the temperatures rise.


According to OSHA, the human body gradually increases its tolerance for hot conditions over time. This means that if your workers haven’t been doing their jobs in hot conditions, they haven’t acclimated to it, and as a result are at a higher risk for heat-related illnesses. If you’ve recently changed up worker positions, keep an eye on anyone going into a warmer environment and encourage them to take breaks.

Additional factors can also influence how well your employees take to the warm weather.

Understand that certain clothing increases risk of heat illness. For example, certain kinds of protective gear, according to OSHA, can hinder the body’s ability to manage its temperature. Such gear can also be necessary, so take steps to ensure your workers have spaces to cool down.

Individual workers might also have unique risk factors. Certain prescription medications and health conditions can interfere with a person’s heat tolerance. Ask your workers if they have had a history of heat issues in the past, or have any current medical conditions that might pose barriers to doing their best work.

Humidity can also contribute to heat illness. If the air feels as though you’re swimming through soup, keep an extra close eye on your team. High humidity levels can interfere with the body’s natural cooling processes.


Keeping your workers cool and healthy is impossible without the right equipment. For heat advice and products to help, give us a call now at 763-786-5350, or toll-free at 888-206-2569.