Responsible construction managers know that winter work brings with it its fair share of safety hazards and possible OSHA violations. Not that these cannot be mitigated, of course; keeping your workers safe only requires a little forward-thinking and investment.

Such is the case with controlling the risk of falling. Icy clips and equipment can mean that slips and trips become all the more common, and everyone always wants to finish work as quickly as they can to get out of the cold. Unfortunately, this can lead to rushing and fall damage, which is why taking preventive measures is all the more important.

MC Tool & Safety, a construction equipment supplier of fall protection equipment, explains below a few extra measures you can take to keep all working parties safe from harm this winter construction season.


Of course, it’s common sense to do a once-over of your fall protection equipment periodically. When emergency strikes or a trip happens, it’s the one thing that stands between a worker and serious injury or death. Check for defective buckles and worn-out wires, and make sure all ropes in use have a consistent diameter for their entire length. You’ll also need to make sure all workers’ equipment is properly adjusted at all times! Winter clothing adds a fair deal of bulk, which can significantly change the fit of harnesses and the like.

Proper, well-maintained construction products are an essential part of the winter safety equation, but there’s plenty more that can still be done:

Remember your competent person. OSHA rules state that one of these must make regular inspections the designated construction job site and equipment, but they become especially important in the wintertime, when hazards crop up that don’t in other seasons. Preventing falls is as simple as training your competent person to recognize potential ones. A competent person safety course can help with this.

Keep up with maintenance and cleaning. It can be tempting to rush things when it’s cold out; everyone wants to warm up in their cars and head home. However, taking care of your machinery and cleaning up the jobsite can go a long way to preventing falls and detecting potential ones before they happen.

Contact a seller of safety products. These vendors are well-versed in potential fall hazards. Simply speaking with a reputable one can spark ideas of what sorts of fall protection your specific circumstances might warrant.


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